The Unexpected Loss At Abominable


Our invasion forces have been routed at Abominable.

In the hours before the invasion of Abominable, one of our leaders, Ulysses, unfortunately lost the ability to connect to the internet, unfortunately causing us to be down both a soldier and a leader.

This did not translate well when our forced logged onto Abominable to find that the cowardly Dark Knight Empire had gathered an alliance of four to five (the Tubas couldn’t pick a side) armies, and we just barely outnumbering us.

To make matters worse, our other leader, Smurf, randomly logged out, leaving my rusty ass and a fresh, newly promoted officer in charge, as well as leaving us down another soldier.

More soldiers would log in, but as they would, others would have to leave. Our situation was not a good one.

While our forces put up a good fight despite the circumstances, we must unfortunately give the victory over to the DKE, even if they wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of their various allies. An invasion requires that we have a clear advantage over the defending forces for it to be considered a victory, and unfortunately, our max of eight was matched or beaten by their forces.

Romans, you need to keep your spirits high. A loss isn’t the end of the world. We will recover from this loss and give them high in the next battle.

To the Dark Knight Empire, if you want to rely on allies to fight your battle, that’s fine. But do keep in mind, we have allies as well.





unknown (1)

There is, however, more to this battle then you may realize.


In the midst of the final moments of our battle with the DKE and their allies, Elmikey, the former RPF leader who had been thrown out of his army a few hours beforehand, showed up, and joined the enemy.



Elm joined the DKE was later confirmed by StubbornJedi from the URP, who provided screenshots.

unknown (2)


While this is a rather interesting turn of events, our army won’t be deterred by a disgraced junkie joining the ranks of our enemy. In the end, we will be the victors. Roma Invictus.

Emperor Dj
Semper Victorium, Roma Invictus

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