Skirmish On Blizzard + Raid On Deep Freeze

ICE BERG, Emperor’s Palace — The conflict continues.


Today, our forces got results in our war against the DKE and UMA. Read more for more info.

On Blizzard, our recruiters found themselves under fire from a group of DKE and UMA soldiers.

The firefight quickly began to escalate, and small quick reaction force was mustered to help fight off the enemy forces. A small element of RPF soldiers also jumped in to support us. The Tubas were also there, for some reason.

While things were relatively evenly matched in beginning, the battle turned in our favor as soon as our QRF was mustered, with our forces maxed five (plus three-four RPF soldiers supporting us), while our enemies maxed four. Victory was declared, and our forces logged off.

In response to this skirmish, as well as the cowardly (and illegal, due the breach of the twenty four hour rule and lack of any actual scheduling) invasion of Blizzard, it was decided it was time for us to retaliate.

A raid on the UMA server of Deep Freeze was organized, and we logged onto the server. We maxed nine, and no contact was made with enemy forces.






This war continues to go in our favor. The four days of invasions should prove highly successful for us.

Keep up the good work, Romans.

Emperor Dj
Semper Victorium, Roma Invictus

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  1. i counted a max of 5… but UMA logged off before that, declaring victory so UMA VICTORY SCRUBS
    btw rpf soldiers helping is like having toddlers help babies… neither of them know what they doin


    UMA VICTORY lmao


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