The Roman Empire (of Club Penguin)

– History –

The Roman Army was founded in October 2006 by Explorer7777. After declaring war on the Army of Club Penguin, at the time being led by Oagalthorp, he was forced to resign from his leadership due to losing the war. The Roman Army continued to survive as rogue clans, existing primarily on the servers Blizzard, Mammoth, and Tundra. In June of 2007, Djgtjvgyhxgy revived the Roman Army by merging all of the clans into one organized army. The army existed for several years, seeing many peaks valleys, openings, and closings until Club Penguin shut down in March 2017. A few Club Penguin armies lived on in the Club Penguin Private Server community, and Romans went on to become one of them. The Romans reopened on Club Penguin Rewritten under the supervision of Dj, Twitchy543, and Antonio960, seeing many leaders come and go in its generation. Due to the similar issue with peaks and valleys and the instability of Club Penguin Private Servers, the Roman Army indefinitely shut down in early March 2018. It since has been revived by Dino and Smurf with approval of Twitchy543.

– Government –

In terms of power structure, Romans fall into two categories: imperialism and colonialism. An imperialism is an army that expands through an empire. The Roman Army is founded off of the same principles and structure as the real-life Roman Empire. We expand like an empire would. In order to do this, Romans merge smaller armies and therefore attain their territory (and troops). Sometimes, armies do not like to merge directly. Instead, Romans have the option of colonizing. This means that while the army would still exist, it would not act independently; Romans would have “protection” over the army’s government. In order for this to happen, Romans would need to be responsible for the server. Romans would have the ability to trade the server (to themselves) if it needed to be protected at maximum cost. This would, in turn, lead the colonized army closer to merging, that being the ultimate goal.

– Territory –

Club Penguin Rewritten

Blizzard (Imperial Capital)

Toboggan (Recruitment Outpost Headquarters; Co-Capital)

Club Penguin Army: The Game

Blizzard (CPATG Colonia)

Klondike (Imperial Embassy Row)

– Ranks –

Empire Ranks

The Emperors: The Emperors have collective ownership over the Roman nation, army, and discord. The job of the Emperors is to manage the empire and supervise the Legates. They have imperial authority and are the leaders of the Senate.

Legion Ranks

The Legates: The Legates are the leaders of the army and members of the Senate. The job of the Legates is to recruit for the army, schedule and lead events for the army, and to supervise the Tribunes and Prefects.

The Tribunes: The Tribunes are the second-in-command of the army and members of the Senate. The job of the Tribunes is to recruit for their legion and act as the leader of the army when no Legates are online.

The Prefects: The Prefects are the third-in-command of the army and members of the Senate. The job of the Prefects is to recruit for their legion and act as the leader of the army when no Legates or Tribunes are online.

The Advisors: The Advisory is a collectively group of former leaders and veterans of the Roman army who are chosen by the Legates to advise the Senate on army management, event scheduling, or server administrating. They are seen more of a ceremonial role as they barely play an active role in the army’s leadership and event leadership until asked otherwise.

The Centurions: Lorem ipsum

Optio: Lorem ipsum

Tesserarius: Lorem ipsum

Imaginifer: Lorem ipsum

Aquilifer: Lorem ipsum

Signifer: Lorem ipsum

Cornicen: Lorem ipsum

Decanus: Lorem ipsum

Legionary: Lorem ipsum

Auxiliary:Lorem ipsum

– Foreign Relations –

Partnered Groups:

  • N/A.

Hostile Groups:

  • N/A.


  • N/A.
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