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– Summary –

The Roman Army was founded in October 2006 by Explorer7777. About a year following his forced retirement because of World War II, Djgtjvgyhxgy resurrected the army. The army saw many peaks and valleys during its tenure on Club Penguin, which has since died. Now, the army operates on Club Penguin Private Servers, with its main focus on Club Penguin Rewritten. Their goal is to colonize all CPPSes.

– Government –

In terms of power structure, Romans fall into two categories: imperialism and colonialism. An imperialism is an army that expands through an empire. The Roman Army is founded off of the same principles and structure as the real-life Roman Empire. We expand like an empire would. In order to do this, Romans merge smaller armies and therefore attain their territory (and troops). Sometimes, armies do not like to merge directly. Instead, Romans have the option of colonizing. This means that while the army would still exist, it would not act independently; Romans would have “protection” over the army’s government. In order for this to happen, Romans would need to be responsible for the server. Romans would have the ability to trade the server (to themselves) if it needed to be protected at maximum cost. This would, in turn, lead the colonized army closer to merging, that being the ultimate goal.

– Army –

Government Roles

The Emperor: The job of the Emperor is to supervise the Consul and the Legates. Emperors are typically retired leaders of the Romans, so they do not serve an active rank in the army. The Emperor can enact Order 66 and declare new Executive Orders with the approval of the Consul. The Emperor has the ability to override the vote of the Consul.

The current Emperor of Romans is Twitchy543.

The Consul: The Consul holds relatively the same amount of power as the Emperor, however, the Consul cannot single-handedly shut down the army, unlike the Emperor. The Consul’s job is to supervise the Legates. Consul, like Emperor, is usually a role given to retired leaders, so they do not serve an active rank in the army. The Consul can enact Order 66 with the approval of the Emperor and has the ability to override the Legates’ majority vote.

The current Consul of Romans is Antonio960.

The PraetorThe Praetor is right below the Consul. The Praetor has a big say in the army especially over the Legates. They are normally retired leaders or from merges. They can be active duty, but this will only apply to the partial retire of Legates. Since they are similar to the Consul they are treated just like them. They can also override Legates’ vote if the Emperor approves.

The current Praetor of Romans is Flame.

Military Roles

The Legates: The Legates are the leaders of the army. They are responsible for recruiting as well as scheduling and leading events. The Legates can also control foreign and domestic affairs as an oligarchy. In order to do this, a majority vote is required of the Legates.  A majority vote of over 50% is required. This majority vote can be overridden by either the Consul or the Emperor.

The Tribunes: The Tribunes are second-in-command of the army. Their job is to act as the leader of the army when no Legates are online. The Tribunes cannot partake in control over foreign or domestic affairs. However, if a Legate vote is overridden by the Consul, the Legate may choose to re-vote with the inclusion of the Tribunes in their census. A 75% majority vote is required to override the jurisdiction of the Consul.

The Prefects: The Prefects are third-in-command of the army. Their job is to act as the leader of the army when no Legates or Tribunes are available. Similar to the Tribunes, the Prefects cannot partake in foreign or domestic affairs. If a Legate vote is overridden by the Emperor, the Legates may choose to re-vote with the inclusion of the Tribunes and the Prefects in their census with the permission of the Consul. A 75% majority vote is required to override the Emperor via majority vote.

– Roman Territory –

CAPITAL: Blizzard (CPR)

Sleet (Club Penguin Rewritten)

Alpine [AU] (Vintage Penguin)

Snowy Mountains [AU] (Vintage Penguin)

Sleet [AU] (Vintage Penguin)

Snowy Mountains [GB] (Vintage Penguin)

Avalanche [AU] (Vintage Penguin)

Nevasca (Free Penguin)

Snow Avalanche (Club Penguin Rewritten)


Possession: Romans ]

Invaded on: YYYY-MM-DD ]

Invaded from: N/A ]

– Foreign Relations –


  • None


  • Club Penguin Crew
  • Elite Guardians
  • Wild Ninjas
  • Everyone Else


  • None


  • Hawk Rebellion Catch

– Treaties –

 Treaty of Blizzard [2/16/18]
(File Missing Please Wait For Further Notice)

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