Note: This post is ONLY  for people who already have army experience. If you are new, scroll down to the next post.

Well, quite a few things have happened to Romans. I don’t know where to start.

Konrad was IP banned from Club Penguin, and temporarily retired as a result. Everyone else left because I stopped pulling everybody else’s weight and told them to pull their own. Romans are now openly hiring moderators and owners. Please do not join if you do not intend to pull your own weight. If you want to actually do your work in this army, and want to join, please don’t hesitate. We’re not going to make you do more work than any other army would. We just don’t want you to be doing nothing at all.

If you are interested in joining, please comment the following:

  1. Your name on xat:
  2. Your name on Club Penguin:
  3. Your xat ID:
  4. Your army experience:
  5. Your desired rank:

In filling out this form, you are expected to be active and loyal. I will contact you ASAP after seeing this application.

~Twitchy/Serpent (Kunzzz), Romans Emperor

Welcome to Romans!

If you’ve stumbled across this website, then you’ve found us! You’re at the right place! We’re a Club Penguin army, that means we battle other armies to protect Club Penguin. Not only that, we’re one of the oldest Club Penguin armies around!  If you’re interested in joining, just fill out the form below!

Romans Join Application

After joining Romans, there are a few things you’ll need to know. The first thing is that we are a Club Penguin army, and if you’ve ever gone on a populated server before, you most likely already know that we’re not the only Club Penguin army. We are, however, one of the oldest and the best Club Penguin armies. It’s important that you stay active and loyal to us. That means don’t join anyone else’s army (they may be bigger than us, but that doesn’t mean they’re better) and come to as many events as you can to earn promotions!

Don’t know what division you’re in?

Please see this map:

If where you live is red, you are in the US (North & South America) division.

If where you live is blue, you are in the UK (Europe & Africa) division.

If where you live is green, you are in the AUSIA (Australia & Asia) division.

Our Chatbox

This is where other people in Romans come to talk to one another! It’s also where we receive commands in battles, so while it is important that you come here to talk to your fellow soldiers, it’s especially important for you to come here during battles.

Why is it important for me to come here?

We believe that communication is something important and valuable. Yes, playing games on Club Penguin is fun and all that. But really, what was Club Penguin even designed for? It’s a gaming platform for you to communicate with your friends. We have a chat box to make that easier for you. You can talk here with no filters (although we do have rules and you will be punished for not following them), make friends with people who you’ll be battling with–even meet some people you’ll be battling against in the future!

Welcome to Romans, hope you enjoy your stay!

~Serpent/Twitchy (Kunzzz), Romans Emperor


Attention: I, Twitchy (Romans Emperor), am going to be away from the 25th to the 29th. Because of this, there will be no events until August. It is pointless to build up momentum only to have it fall once I leave.


Don’t know your time zone?

No problem! Just take a look at this chart. We’ve color coordinated the times to match with the colors on the chart.

Romans take Grasshopper! [US]

Update: Konrad has stepped down from his position as leader. He is now Overlord (4th in Command/highest mod).


Romans have successfully invaded Grasshopper. I actually forgot we were supposed to invade this server, but we did it anyways.

Training Session…? [RESULTS]

Today, we were going to have a training session. However, an unfortunate series of events occurred.

  1. Romans leader Konrad has been banned forever from Club Penguin unfairly. We are working with him to get this resolved.
  2. A mass coup d’etat has happened in Golds, our brother ally. We have been trying to negotiate foreign relations with the current and former leaders.

We did still have the event, but it was very short and unprepared. We maxed around 7.

Did you attend? If so, comment with your Club Penguin username so we know you came!

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US/UK Practice Battle vs. Chaos [RESULTS]

Today, Romans logged on to have a practice battle with Chaos. With only half an hour to prepare, we logged on Mammoth. We maxed 12, and averaged 11.

This was the first of many victories to come.

Did you attend? If so, leave a comment below! Make sure you say what your Club Penguin username is so we know who to promote!

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Hey Romans!

Romans have received a lot of new recruits in the past couple days. Some of the recruits were bored, so we had a “training session”. I taught them the fundamentals of tactics and formations, and spectators decided to turn it into a classic tip-the-berg game.

I originally wasn’t going to post about this, but I thought the recruits who attended might have liked to have seen themselves.

Comment if you came!

Serpent/Twitchy (Kunzzz)

Roman Emperor

Romans Return To Club Penguin

CPA Central

ICE BERG, Romans Empire – After shutting down last month, Romans have returned to Club Penguin once again under the leadership of Serpent, Konrad and Dwain. Serpent seems confident that Romans will reclaim their position as a world power, but will they just lay stagnant in the bottom of the top ten?

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Hello Romans! Today our opening day event was a success! We maxed 14. This event was taken place on Avalanche. Thank you everyone for attending and we will continue to rise become the very best.


Comment If You Came!