Response To The Coup Of Elm


I was initially planning to write this post in the style of the one’s that have been published to coincide with our war with the DKE. However, after some consideration, I decided to drop suspension of disbelief for those post, as I feel this needs a personal touch.

This post is a message to all armies, both our allies and enemies, as well as a direct message to Elmikey.

Please, hear me out.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Elm was removed from the RPF leadership yesterday. You read more about it here, but the tl;dr is Elm was removed for being power hungry, abusing his troops, giving special treatment to his rule breaking friends, breaking the rules himself, being a general asshole, etc.

Instead of treating this as a wake up call like any rational adult would, he decided he was going to join up with the army we are currently at war with, and begin plans to start up his own army.

I’m going to be blunt. Elm is a fucking loser. All he has accomplished in life is the RPF. Outside of armies, he’s a low life drug addict that has nothing going for him. He’s a waste of oxygen.

Do I think he is beyond saving? No. I believe he has the ability to change and actually make something of himself.

Do I think he can move on all by himself? No.

Elm is hopelessly addicted to the power that he holds over people in this community, and I don’t think he has the ability to give it up. I think the community needs to help him move on.

I propose that all armies simply ignore Elm. Don’t let him in your Discord’s, don’t let him join your armies, don’t ally with the army he’s trying to make. Don’t even acknowledge him on CP if he tries to engage with you in anyway. Take away all the power that he can possibly acquire, and he’ll move on. It’s that simple.

The Romans will not affiliate with any armies that don’t go along with this. We won’t be allies, neutral, or even fight you as enemies. We will treat you just how we are going to treat Elm; you just don’t exist.

I especially encourage the DKE and their allies to throw Elm out of their Discord’s and not affiliate with him. I don’t necessarily know why you guys are even giving him the time of the day, as he’s the embodiment of everything you hate about the RPF. On top of that, he just wants to use you guys, and there’s no benefit to that. What are you doing? Get rid of him.

To Elmikey, I don’t have anything against you, to be honest. I’ve been at the bottom before, so I know what it’s like. You can do better than this, man. There’s so much better things you can do with your life that isn’t drugs, booze, and Club Penguin armies. Leave the community and go get cleaned up. Go to a trade school and start a career. Or go pursue a career that doesn’t require extensive schooling, like the military or some sort of bullshit county job. You may be a bit older than I am, but you’re still young. Go do something now before that changes. You won’t regret it.

To the RPF, I must congratulate you for couping Elm and taking control of your army. The way he treated you guys with inexcusable and it’s admirable that you finally stood up to him. The Romans and I stand by you. We look forward to seeing where you go with things now.

Emperor Dj, signing off



7 Responses

  1. My input: If you are a high rank of an army, do the man a favor and do not let him in. Elm is a troubled man that needs help, please do not enforce his addiction to power and conflict. He needs a therapist, not an army.

  2. This is Jordan leader of the Pink Ninjas,(Or ZaneTheIceGuy to Romans) and do not worry.Elm may be allied with us,but I have we suspcision that he’s up to something. . . I may not be DKE anymore,but Elm is up to something.(Also,wth were you guys allied with the RPF anyway when Elm was the leader!?!)

  3. Don’t think I still don’t hate you guys,either.

  4. *still like

  5. Just don’t affiliate with him. By supporting his addiction to armies, you are preventing him from moving on with his life. The morally right thing to do is to not have anything to do with him.

  6. I’m about to leave all these armies. . .But take my warning-Don’t be allies with RPF,or something like this could happen again.I’ve warned the you guys before,but you always dismiss it.The RPF are a mess,and being allies with them won’t help.I might even leave the NVA cause of these dumb choices.All these armies fighting like it’s their life.The morally right thing to do is leave the RPF in general.If Elm used to be the leader,it could even break the RPF even more,and that will effect the Romans strongly.

  7. Please listen to what I’ve said.I’m want to end the RPF,though it’s very hard.Don’t let them use you like a tool.I just talked to Agent Rocky(who left the RPF) and he agrees.The Romans will just be another weapon for the RPF to use on small armies,even without Elm leading.I don’t care if you delete this,report me on CPRewritten,just listen to my words. . .

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