Defensive Event 12/4/17 + Multipurpose Event 12/5/17

Hello Romans! Once again I’ll be documenting two events in this post. These events know pictures. They have the best pictures. Continue reading for the best pictures.

Defensive Event

This event was raided by some dorks from the Dark Knight Empire, United Republic of Penguins, and Underground Mafias Army. Despite our best efforts, we could not face their might. Just kidding! We outnumbered them while they sat around being passive aggressive and not even bothering to fight.

Multipurpose Event

This event was pretty fun, and we did a lot. First, we kicked it off with some recruiting. Second, we did some memeing and experimented with new tactics. Finally, we split up into two groups, a blue one and a red one, and duked it out among ourselves. Good work today Romans!





Ulysses Nardo

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