Guta’s Event 12/2/17 + Momentum Event 12/3/17

Hello Romans! I’ll be documenting two events in this post. The first event, which took place yesterday, was lead by Guta, and led to them getting promoted to Prefect alongside Marquis. Smurf also got promoted to Legate. Congratulations guys! The second event took place today. Continue reading for details.

Guta’s Event

Guta was selected in a raffle, which gave them an opportunity to lead their own event. This raffle is part of the Nardo Christmas Festival.

Momentum Event

This event was a momentous improvement with numbers and tactics. Excellent work today Romans! Keep it up. Troops got to lead some tactics at this event. Do you want to lead a tactic? Helping take pictures and hype other tactics will increase your chances! Shoutout to Yuli for getting a promotion to Veteran Legionary!

Ulysses Nardo

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