Declaration of War On The DKE and UMA

ICE BERG, Emperor’s Palace — The Imperial march continues.


Today, the Roman Empire declares war on two different armies, the Underground Mafias Army and the Dark Knight Empire.

Yesterday, we were approached by a couple members of the Dark Knight Empire, who voiced their displeasure with the behavior of their leader, Emperor Flame. These soldiers defected to us in the past, but had been forced to return to their army by the unkind words of their leader. After we heard this, we pledged to declare war on the DKE in the interest of giving these defectors a voice.

After our unofficial declaration of war, Emperor Flame desperately scrambled to gather allies to fight us, pathetically begging armies like the URP and the Tubas to back them up in this war. He also attempted to fake a retirement to get us to cancel our war, which didn’t even last the day.


“They’re afraid.”

The DKE, paired with an UMA soldier, attempted to raid our training session later that evening, but failed spectacularly, not bothering to offer us anything even somewhat resembling a fight.



After being thoroughly being humilated in the first skirmish of our war, both armies, being the cowards that they are, launched an invasion of our server Blizzard without twenty four hours notice (despite them acknowledging this rule when they gave just an hour notice to one of our leaders, who didn’t notice their tag at the time) or even scheduling the invasion.

In this situation, we could easily write off their invasion and pretend it never happened. However, there’s no honor in this approach. The Romans have decided to ignore their disregard of established invasions rules in this case and give them the one victory their tiny five man alliance will ever achieve.

Our army, unlike our enemies, aren’t cowards, and have scheduled invasions of their combined empires, with twenty four hours notice being given to both armies. By the end of the week, both of their nations will belong to us. Furthermore, we will be invading Beanie, a server that traditionally belonged to the UMA during the CPA days.

I wish our enemies the best of luck, and expect our army to put these pushovers in their place.

Should any DKE wish to defect to our army, feel free to DM our leadership and we will make sure to accomidate you to the best of our ability.

Note; As the URP are more or less a dead army that isn’t really able to put up a fight, we have rescinded our declaration of war for the time being while we focus on this conflict. Should their members wish to jump in on this conflict and continue our war, that’s their call.

Emperor Dj
Semper Victorium, Roma Invictus



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  1. why need 24 hour notices when you have blitz-kreig tactics?

  2. A 24 hour notice does not mean “I will attack you within 24 hours”. It means “I am giving you 24 hours to prepare for our attack”. If you suggest blitzkrieg, do remind yourself of the history. It was invented and used as a tactic of war for Nazi Germany to take Poland. I’d say that’s the furthest thing from honorable.

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