Battle of the Igloo History

World War II was when Armies centered around uniform began. The more organized ones, like the Romans, headquartered themselves on the Miniclip Forums. Armies were a hit on the forums, and grew fast. When Explorer7777 headquartered the Romans on the Miniclip Forums, the Romans grew to the point where they outnumbered the Army of Club Penguin. Despite this, he viewed their Army as a threat and declared war, threatening to grind them to dust if they did not surrender. This marked the beginning of World War II, which did not end until December of 2006.

Most of this war was fought via many raids on Mammoth, but there was one large battle, known as the Battle of the Igloo, and it was the first organized battle ever. It took place in the igloo of a Second in Command of the Army of Club Penguin, Koolaidman7, and was held on Friday, October 13th, 2006. The battle was fought like a game of dodgeball. If you got hit you would go to the enemy’s jail, and a teammate would have to run over and tag you back in.

Oagalthorp fired the first shot of the battle. All hell broke lose as a result, and both sides remained vigilant and relentless most of the battle, despite lag. Eventually, Koolaidman7 was captured in the Romans’ jail. It took time, effort, and agility for Oagalthorp to save him. At the peak of the battle, the Romans outnumbered the Army of Club Penguin fifty to thirty-five. The Romans leaders were confident in their victory, but the Army of Club Penguin was not. However, there was one thing the Army of Club Penguin could exploit to turn the odds in their favor…

Who was the victor of this battle? Attend the reenactment coming up and you will find out!

Ulysses Nardo

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