Hello fellow romans, today the Halloween Party came to CPR!! What the main thing I saw was people having trouble with the Candy Hunt, so I decided to make this to help people who are having trouble with the Candy Hunt!

Before you start hunting for candy, make sure you pick up a basket at the Haunted house before you start you adventure!


The 1st candy is hidden in the Coffee Shop window in the Town.


The 2nd candy is in the Lighthouse on a chair.


The 3rd candy is located in the Boiler room on a Bulletin board under a paper.


The 4th candy is in the Plaza in a cauldron.


The 5th candy is located in the dock in the bottom right corner of the pumpkin patch.


The 6th candy is in the lab in the book-room. (It requires the lab coat which is obtainable in the Stage catalog). It is in the top-left behind a book.


The 7th candy is a hard one. I recommend going on a small server so its much easier to click. You need to go to the haunted house, and then click on the door until its a brick wall with a chocolate bar on the bottom.


And now for the last candy.. It is located in the Dojo Courtyard, and it in the snow on the left of the dojo.


Well, I hoped that helped!!



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