Welcome to the CP Romans!

Hello and welcome to the official website of the Club Penguin Romans! If you’re visiting here, you’re probably an oldie checking to see on us. Or maybe you’re an army historian. Whatever the reason might be, you’re at the right place. I’ve been fixing up the site and helping document its history (both OG and CPPS). Some aspects of the CSS and some images might be broken so be cautious of that. Below are some things for you to check out:

Discord Server

Xat Chatroom (TBA)

Romans Legitimacy

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» Dino «

「Romans Consul」

P.S. If you’re a veteran, it’d be appreciated if you can join our discord! It is active and we occasionally do community game-nights.

Romans Discord

As a repost of the pinned post, our discord can be found below:


Anyone other invites claiming to be the Romans are illegitimate. Should you find an illegal “Club Penguin Romans” discord, please contact Dino#9000 or any other Roman consul/emperor.

Visitors are welcomed, and it would be appreciated if veterans can rejoin our discord too. We might be doing an reunion before Christmas this year so stay tuned.

~ Dino ~

Romans Consul

Triumph of Ray ─ Romans Finale

Today, Romans logged on Toboggan, CPR for our grand finale. We hosted a Roman triumph for our current Emperor, Ray el Rey. A Roman triumph was where a general and his army paraded through the city of Rome to celebrate conquering new territory (click here to learn more). After the parade, we hosted an after-party where we played Card-Jitsu. We maxed 18. Great job everyone!

VIDEO: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pFVmbx31kxVm/

Seize the night!

~ Ulysses Nardo ~

Twitchy Didn’t Create CPAS

Hello there, I’m Ulysses Nardo. I lead the Romans in the years 2017-2018. It has come to my attention that there is a prevalent myth that Twitchy founded the Club Penguin Army Syndicate (CPAS), an army league that existed in early 2018. This is incorrect. In reality, I created CPAS. Here is a quote from the Club Penguin Army Wiki that explains how this myth got started:

In early 2018, Nardo would create the Club Penguin Army Syndicate while he was leading Romans. He drafted a constitution, set up a discord server, and soon after most of the army community joined the league. After seeing the success of CPAS, Twitchy543 approached Nardo and proposed that CPAS merges into his server for army veterans, called the Army Lounge, which Nardo would accept the offer. After the merge was complete, Nardo would begin making plans to start another news site called Penguin Central. This didn’t happen because in late February Nardo went AWOL. CPAS merging with Army Lounge, in addition to Nardo going AWOL soon after the merge, has created a myth that Twitchy543 founded CPAS, however this is false.

Source: https://clubpenguinarmy.fandom.com/wiki/Ulysses_Nardo

Thank you for reading.

~ Ulysses Nardo ~

3 Years of CPR Romans ─ Victoria Anniversary




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End of Re-construction ─ New Leadership




Ave, Romans!

As many have noticed, Romans have been quite dead. That is due to a magnitude of reasons: Retirements, school, internal drama, and leaking. The Senate has been considering a few options for the past few weeks. However, we have decided that Romans will not be closing. Instead, we’ll be introducing some new acts.

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For All Who Have Been Wondering

You’re all hoes for thinking Romans died or the rank page is still valid lol. The site will be used more frequently after this week. For now, please be patient and use our Discord. Thank you for your concerns.

Declaration of the Nova Roman Empire

February 2006 marked the first Roman clans to come into Club Penguin. October 2006 marked the modernization and organization of such clans by Explorer7777. June 2007 marked the creation of the formal organization of the Roman clans into the Roman army. Throughout the years, the Romans would see several generations, wars, and eras. The Romans would close in 2016, but return in October 2017 to March 2018. This would be one of the most successful generations of Romans. This also marked it’s most successful era, the CPPS era. Such era saw the creation of the Nova Phoenix Corps in July 2018 to August, the “successor” to the Romans. This army has major influence in the current Romans. In fall 2019, the Romans would return yet again. However, after downtime, the Romans formally returned in early 2020 to April. The Romans would return yet again in July 2018. This is the current generation. But what does this mean.

The 14 year long history of Romans was designed to evolve overtime. As the years came, we become more and more innovative. Even more innovative than the biggest armies of our time. The next big innovation of our time has come. 

On behalf of Senate of the Club Penguin Romans, I, Cobra, Romans Emperor, hereby declare the creation of the Nova Roman Empire.

You may be asking – What is the Nova Roman Empire? If you were unaware, Club Penguin Romans was watched over by a Senate, which consisted of guardians from previous generations of Romans. After a time of deciding, we all decided that we will create something that will expand beyond just “Club Penguin Romans”. We designed a constitution and format for this new multi-platform community, or “empire”, if you will. With this, the Senate of the Club Penguin Romans, is now defunct, as it has became the Senate of the Nova Roman Empire. This same situation applies to the Consuls and Emperor. 

Expect big changes overtime. We are here to create a community, that stretches beyond Club Penguin Romans. I ask you all join us in this journey, as it can be great… with your devotion to such cause.


Emperor of the Nova Roman Empire

Promotions (8/2/2020 – 8/8/2020)


PROMOTIONS [8/2/2020 – 8/8/2020]


Ave, Romans!

As all you have been waiting for, we will begin handing out promotions! We’ve had a crazy week so far, so it’s only fair if we give back to our members. Click to read more to see who got promoted!

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Comment for Promotion (August 2nd – August 8th 2020)

Ave, Romans!

This week has been a busy one. So, let’s end it off with some promotions!


    1. Your name in the Club Penguin Romans
    2. Your current rank
    3. Number of events you’ve attended this week
    4. Number of recruits gotten (if any)
    5. Any other reasons you feel we should note?

Note: Moderators and Owners are permitted to apply too!