Active Count [OCTOBER 2017]

Hello, Romans!

Since a lot of recruits have joined and some are not active, we are going to have an active count take place and to see who’s active and who isn’t in Romans.


In the comment box beneath this post, please answer the following questions


1. What is your Club Penguin Rewritten username?

2. What is your rank in Romans?

3. On a scale of 0-10 (0 being completely inactive, 10 being fully active),  how active are you in Romans?


You have until Monday, November 6th to comment


If you don’t comment, you will be demoted from your rank without a valid excuse. 

13 Responses

  1. Cajan, tuba leader, 5

  2. Games

  3. Scrooge Mcdu, Decanus, 9

  4. username for cpr: marshallking
    role on discord: recruit
    active rate: 8/10 (I get active every event/ announcement)

  5. Powerdude500

  6. DankTreeshot
    7/10 (active if the event is after 3pm CST Because of school, but other than that I’m on)

  7. Pilgrimm
    6. Would be higher but having IRL issues lately

  8. Lemonladd / S M U R F



  9. hello!

  10. my username is BAUTIDALLOR
    my rank is recruit

  11. Littleponx.

  12. 1. Hannahbal
    2. Prefect
    3. 4/10

  13. Mia3711

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