The Return Of The Roman Empire


Good day, my name is Djgtjvgyhxgy, Dj for short. For those of you who aren’t aware of who I am, I am a long time club penguin army veteran. I was in armies from the very beginning, serving in the Black Army in CPWW1. In CPWW2, I served in various Roman Army clans under Explorer7777, and later lead the Club Penguin Romans after he left. I also served as an ACP 3ic, RPF leader, TWA leader, CPW leader, Spartan leader, and various other armies. But, what I’m here to talk about today is the Romans, not all those armies.

Eleven years ago, the first organized Roman army was founded by Explorer7777, made up of a large number of formerly rogue clans united under a single banner. The result was one of the largest armies in the eleven-year history of armies, with an empire that spanned most of the server map. No matter what server you logged onto, you were sure to find at least one clan that answered to Explorer.

However, Oagalthorp, the ACP (Army of Club Penguin, for those of you new to armies) leader, grew jealous of the success of the Roman Army and declared war on the mighty Roman Empire. A final battle was organized, and in the end, the ACP cheated their way to victory. This fraudulent victory had severe consequences for the Roman Empire, leading to Explorer to leave for greener pastures and the fall of the Roman Army of Club Penguin.

Over the next year, hundreds of rogue Roman clans continued to exist and thrive in the organized chaos that was pre-WW3 armies. In 2007, two larger clans, the Tundra Romans (led by myself, Nickpooch, and AC Josh), and the Mammoth Romans (lead by randos whose names were lost to time) merged, and launched the second attempt at an organized Roman Army. This one proved successful, and became the Club Penguin Romans that lived on to be an influential medium to large army throughout most of the post-WW3 Club Penguin army era.

Now, eleven years after the organization of the Roman Army of Club Penguin, I am proud to announce that the Romans are returning to the army community, being founded by Ehroyals81, lead by himself and a collection of vets. Alongside the leaders of this new generation, I will be returning as Emperor to help advise and organize the new Roman army, with the help of former Roman Emperor Twitchy.

Our goals are ambitious. We plan to not only create an organized alternative to the RPF, we also plan to expand to as many CPPS’s as possible, not only expanding our empire but fostering the growth of new armies and the army community. Our plans begin with Club Penguin Rewritten,, and Oasis, but will expand to other private servers as we grow in numbers.

More will be revealed in the near future. Until then, stay tuned.

Emperor Djgtjvgyhxgy
CP Romans Founder


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