Juan & Bloodpanther Goodbye Post <3

Juan- ”My name is Juancho,and this is my goodbye letter.I join this army October 10 2017.My first thoughts were:”why are this “kids” doing this?” “I LIKE THIS!”. And a month later i have found my place to be happy on the internet;this past three months,like some of you know,i had summer vacations,that are going to end in 2 days;and this team helped me when i was bored and when i wasn’t,when i was happy and when i was sad,this team was always for me.I have met so many people in this team that i can’t write for so many people,so this are the honorable mentions:

Yules:you were like a little sister to me,with your memes and your fights with Guta,your “Oof” would be always a part of my “honorable memes”
 Ray:you were the best.Your Disney’s songs night was amazing.And i will never forget you.

Smurf:you little piece of smurf,sice the first day i knew that you are the best event-murf this world could have
 Cobra/Guta:i don’t know if you two are the same persons,you make fun of everyone,you make memes everytime,and you too are awesome.Always meme the good joke!
 Dj: i know that you can’t read this,but i miss you.You were the best emperor this team could have

Nardo:you are a retardo,you lose a month with us,the last month! Oof,how could i get mad at you? Thank you for letting me be part of the team
 Cha:the ocean would be after you! you “t!fish” more than a thousen times.You get ride of all the fishes on the world(edited)
 Star(Hype):you are the best artist i have met.You draw like you were born in 1650.
 And the last one,Twitchy:i’m mad at you!you get ride of this team.I undertand what you did,and i would do the same,but…it hurts so much.Thanks for everything,man.
 I don’t know how to say bye,i just want to say that even if we don’t know each other,even if we donn’t leave on the same country or we would not talk any more,WE ARE ROMANS,WE FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! So…bye.” I will always remember when the romans were with me”

Nardo:you are a retardo,you lose a month with us,the last month! Oof,how could i get mad at you? Thank you for letting me be part of the team

Goodbye Romans. I woud like to say thank you to YuliChxn, for always being there, Smurf, for being the papa I look up to, SavageCobra, for inspiring me, Twitchy543, for being legendary, Ray Hokage, for your kindness, Worky, for the respect between us, Guta, for being hot and humorous, Ulysses Nardo, for your caring and Romans, for your might, for being my family, for all you did for me and all I could do for you. Sieze the Night. *salutes*



Yuli’s goodbye post </3

Goodbye Romans.

I will remember the fun times we have had in the army,
I salute each and every one of you-
I love you guys in a friend way <33


Invasion of North Pole-2/28/18

Seize the Night! It’s Yuli here again with another post (☞゚∀゚)☞
Today we logged on to Oldcp and onto North Pole to invade. This turned out successful, great job Romans! We maxed 8 and averaged 7. Starting out at the dojo, soon realizing how bad this CPPS was on doing emoji tactics. Until .15 we moved to the docks.

Read more to see pictures of the event!  Continue reading

Training Event on Deep Freeze 2/25/18

Today bois, we logged onto Deep Freeze to do sum trainin. We maxed 6 and avg 6. Still pretty trash, but we will come back. Don’t worry bois.

Training Results!

Ave Romans, it is Khevra, and I’m glad to be putting out my first post here. Today we did a training event on Deep Freeze lead by our Tribunes and we were able to raise our average max, so I am quite proud. We maxed 7 and averaged 6. We also did the first mixed tactic bomb I’ve ever seen.  Thank you Romans!


Response to UMA’s End

It has come. Something I never thought would happen. The Underground Mafias Army has died. It has merged into SWAT and the Blue Miners Army after it died. This death was more likely because of CPR’s closure that never really happened. Today at around 10:54 PM EST, February 22nd, 2018, Mason Cooper posted a post on UMA’s end. As sad as it was it has a good story around it. It’s time armies die off. We have been here for long enough and the whole community has already fallen. Every army is near death. All news are corrupt. I want to thank Games, Ehroyals, and Mason Cooper for a nice ride at UMA. Although I wasn’t there for too long, being their only active 3ic it was a fun ride. UMA has brought many people a nice childhood and I bet for some now. Even when it was stuck maxing 4 it was the UMA that we all love. Mason Cooper made UMA strong again. And I wanna thank UMA for the fun time and allies. We (Romans) fought the first part of the ONS. Thanks UMA for the fun time. I salute you as you get brought down into the ground in your coffin. Thanks UMA for the great time. salute


Thursday Training event- 2/22/18

Hello Romans! Today we logged onto Abominable and started out the ice rink and moved to the iceberg. We maxed and averaged 6 Romanos. Ave *salute* Continue reading