Re-Capture of Blizzard- 2/15/17

Ave Romans! Today We took back Blizzard from the UMA, going to town and moving to the Iceberg. We maxed 11 and averaged 10, while UMA averaged 2 for a solid 8 minutes, and gained a few numbers. We ended up making a V formation until UMA logged off. Good Job Romans!

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Invasion of Nevasca – 2/14/2018

Ave, Romans!

Today we logged on to FreePenguin, invading a UMA-controlled Nevasca. The battle started at the Town, where we made an L formation and fought against the enemy, then quickly moved to the Underground Pool, where we performed 2007-style tactics and yelled ROMANS while sitting on them until they retreated to the Snow Forts. Finally, we transformed into Darth Herberts and pummeled them beneath our boots, driving them off. Good job today, Romans!

In summary, the enemy was unable to match our tactics, could not stack up against our 2007-style tactics, and retreated on numerous occasions. A successful invasion and securing of new Roman territory! Seize the night!



– Ray the Hokage –

Successful Invasion of Snow Avalanche on CPR

Today Romans, we logged onto Snow Avalanche to fight the Underground Mafias Army. Not only we got more max than I expected, but you made me proud. We were victorious by Tactics and Formation. Also confirmed by DSMAN. We have now captured Snow Avalanche! Good work guys. Good work. Max: 14, Average: 13

Miscalculated Invasion of Deep Freeze| 2/12/18

Oi Romans,


Yo, so today we had an invasion where we invaded Deep Freeze from The Underground Mafias Army. The invasion was declared invalid due to shenanigans relating to the 24-hour rule. Regardless whether it was invalid or not, it was a good event so we will post this anyway. We will redo the invasion possibly this week and will claim victory. Overall we maxed 13 and averaged 12. Read on for the following pictures of the event.


Smurf on!

Daddy Smurf



War on UMA

Together we Seize the Night. Together we die. Together we fight. The UMA has been multilogging. Cheating. We don’t want this. Not only did UMA cheat and multilog, but they threatened DK. DK has merged into Romans. That means they threaten us. Today, we maxed 15 in Romans on my event. I was expecting 8-10. This just proves me and all those wrong who doubted. It’s time we Seize the Night. I, Cobra and the Romans, declare war upon the Underground Mafias Army. SEIZE THE NIGHT!

– Cobra

Roman Revival Event – 2/11/2018

Ave, Romans! It’s certainly been a while. Let’s get right into the good stuff!

Today we had an event commemorating the merge between the Dark Knight Empire and Romans. This merge resulted in the return of some officers, both old and new, and saw the return of our good lad SavageCobra, who now serves Romans as Legate. Welcome back, Cobra, and let’s all welcome our merged friends back into Romans!

Our event on Deep Freeze today maxed 14 and averaged 13, and was a much-needed pick-me-up after a long and tiresome week. With this event, the Romans are officially back in action, and we’re getting ready for what’s right around the corner. Big things are coming, Romans. This is only the beginning!

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February Furniture Catalog hidden items 2018

Hello Romans! Today a new catalog came out for February, so let’s get into it!


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