Beginner’s Guide

Hey, welcome to the Romans! If you’re reading this, that means you’ve filled out an application to join the Club Penguin Romans and are looking to seek basic information on your role in the army. If you haven’t already done that, click here to do so.

Without further ado, the Roman Army is proud to present to you…


The Roman Guidebook for Beginners:

A Comprehensive Guide to Club Penguin Armies

– Written by Twitchy – 


Table of Contents

  • Club Penguin Armies
  • Nations
  • Rankings
  • Events
    • Formations
    • Tactics
    • The Event Schedule


 Club Penguin Armies: What are they?

Let’s face it: Club Penguin isn’t a very fun game. It’s not meant to be fun. It’s created as a virtual world, where the most fun you can probably get out of it is playing the mini-games within it. But that’s just something you do on your own. There’s no real way in Club Penguin where you can play with people, and still be having fun. The closest thing to being able to do so would probably be having a snowball fight on Club Penguin. That’s where Club Penguin armies come into play. Club Penguin armies are basically an evolved form of snowball fighting.

Club Penguin wars have gone on ever since the snowball feature existed. Originally, penguins would sort themselves into teams according to their color and have giant snowball fights all over Club Penguin. The team with the largest number of penguins won. The two main teams were Team Red and Team Blue, although there were others. This was known as Club Penguin’s World War I, or The Color Wars.

Eventually, people got tired of this idea. They wanted more. Instead of using only colors, penguins started organizing themselves into clans based on items they wore. They discovered the Dojo, and through communication on the Miniclip Club Penguin (MCCP) Forums, the server Mammoth was made the central hub of Club Penguin. There were many clans, such as the Agents, the Pirates, the Romans, the Vikings, etc., but the main two clans were the Romans and the Vikings. The Romans and the Vikings were in a constant brawl with each other on Mammoth, and the Romans ended up coming out victorious almost every time. This series of battles was known as the beginning of Club Penguin’s World War II, or The Clan Wars.

Again, people got bored with the simple idea of clans. One person, in particular, wanted to take this idea further: a penguin named Oagalthorp, who founded the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) on the MCCP Forums. Unlike clans, armies had an established uniform, ranking system, and leader. The Army of Club Penguin was the first official army of Club Penguin. Many clans died out after seeing the organization of ACP; Romans, however, remained organized. After seeing the success of ACP, a penguin named Explorer7777 took it upon himself to organize the Romans that you are now in today.

To read the full history of Club Penguin armies, click here.


Nations: What’s the goal?

In 2008, Oagalthorp and a penguin by the name of Commando717 (the creator of the Rebel Penguin Federation) decided that it was pointless to be having wars on Club Penguin if there was nothing to gain or lose from them. Together, they created the concept of nations. With the concept of, each army would “own” servers on Club Penguin. After the conception of nations was completed, each army was assigned a specific portion of land based on the location of the servers on the list. Commando took it a step further and made a map of the nation. It looked like this:

In 2015, Commando returned with his idea, making it more fluent and returning the map concept that had been long lost in the earlier years of Club Penguin warfare. Club Penguin armies now have a strict set of rules to follow, and their main goal in mind: to conquer every server on the map. There are other goals too, such as keeping Club Penguin safe and making it a fun environment for everyone. But taking over the map, in the end, is what all Club Penguin armies fight for.

To view the current map, click here.


Rankings: What’s in it for me?

In reality, nobody can make Club Penguin armies more fun than you make them for yourself. Regardless, Club Penguin armies over a ranking structure (just like the real military). Yes, the goal of Club Penguin armies is to conquer all of Club Penguin. But that’s more of the leaders’ goals. If you just joined armies, though, this probably isn’t something you’d be concerned with. You need to get to the leader rank first, or at least somewhere near it. Your goal is to climb as far up the ranks as you can get.

So how do you do this?

  • Be respectful. If someone who is a higher rank than you tells you to do something, that means you should do it. During events, listen to the leaders. If a moderator tells you not to do something, don’t do it. Even if you’re a higher rank than someone, you should still be respectful to everyone in the Roman Army. Disrespect takes the fun out of the game, and it makes you less likely to be seen as a troop worthy of promotion by the leaders.
  • Be active. This means that you should be coming to Romans’ chat to talk with other people from the army as much as you have time for. You don’t have to be there all the time, but you should be there enough so that the leaders know who you are. How are we supposed to promote you if we don’t even know who you are? If asking to be on the chat during your free time is too much, at least be on the chat during events. Come to events, and be on chat to receive orders during the events. The leaders will tell you what to do.
  • Be loyal. Don’t join anybody else’s army. People from other armies will tell you that their army is better than Romans. Don’t listen to them. You were recruited into Romans. We’ve existed longer than any other army has; we’ve even existed longer than Club Penguin armies themselves have. You won’t find an army better than this one. Trust me when I say that, I’ve been in Club Penguin armies since 2008. This is the best one you’re going to find.

That’s pretty much all it takes! Follow that list, and you’ll be climbing the ranks in no time!

To see Romans’ ranks page, click here.


Events: How to Battle

Club Penguin armies may have started out as snowball fights, but that was almost a decade ago. Over time, things change and get more advanced. That holds true to battles.

There are many different types of events to be prepared for, not all events are the same. The main types of events are recruiting sessions, training sessions, battles, and practice battles.

  • In a recruiting session, we will log onto a 3-5 bar server and attempt to attract spectators to our website. This is a method of recruiting and is used to get people to join Romans. We do not compete against another army.
  • In a training session, we will practice our tactics and formations to use them in the case of there being an actual enemy.
  • In a battle, there is an actual enemy we are fighting against. They are broken up into different categories: invasions, defenses, and tournaments.
    • Invasions: Romans are invading another army’s server. Where an invasion takes place depends on which server is being invaded.
    • Defenses: Romans are defending their territory from another army trying to invade it. This type of battle depends on which server we are defending.
    • Tournaments: Tournament battles are media-hosted and have an elimination bracket scheme. The last army standing typically wins prize money, though unlike invasions and defenses, Romans do not go to war for these two types of battles. Tournament battles are usually held on the server Klondike.
  • In a practice battle, two armies who are allies will log onto a mutually selected server and battle each other. Neither side is invading or defending.

Battles are the most important types of events, as there is something to gain or lose from them. It’s important to know how to win a battle. In a battle, the biggest army with the best formations and tactics wins.


Formations are the form the army is in. We use formations to stay organized. This way, we look more prepared for battle, and it’s easier to see which army is bigger. Here are some examples of different formations:

Vertical Line (line going down)

Horizontal Line (line across)

Circle Formation

X Formation

There are other types of formations in addition to these, but these are the most commonly used formations.


Tactics are what we do to show the other army how powerful, consistent, and well-trained we are. Size is one deciding factor, but what’s size without ammunition?

The original “tactic” was the snowball during snowball fights. Over time, tactics evolved. Below are some commonly used tactics in modern Club Penguin warfare.

Emote Tactics

An emote tactic is when everyone in the army does the same emote. A shortcut for doing emotes in Club Penguin is to press the E key (make sure you’re not in type mode!) followed by another key. New recruits should memorize this chart.

Example: The leader of the event says “E+9 on 3” or “E9 on 3”. When the leader counts to 3, press E then 9 on Club Penguin.

Word Tactics

Word tactics are when everyone says one thing at the same time.

Example: The leader of the event says “‘ROMANS’ on 3”. When the leader counts to 3, say “ROMANS” on Club Penguin consistently for 15-20 seconds.


Bombs are probably the most fun of the other types of tactics. A bomb is typically an emote or word tactic. The difference between bombs and regular tactics is everyone runs around the room during a bomb.

Example: The leader of the event says “J-bomb on 3”. When the leader counts to 3, hold down the J key and run around the room on Club Penguin.

It is important for everyone to come to training sessions to learn how to perfect tactics and formations. No matter how much you read about events, you can never fully be prepared until you come to the real thing.

The Event Schedule

The event schedule is what we use to communicate information about the events we hold. The event schedule will typically look something like this:


The Date


Type of Event [Division]

Who vs. Who

A brief description of the event.

The Server

The Times (color coded)

Everyone should try to be on Romans chat 30 minutes before an event begins. It’s important for the leaders to get a rough estimate of how many troops will be coming to the event, and it’s the leader’s job to get you hyped and prepared for the event.

To see Romans’ event schedule, click here.


Conclusion: Closing Statement

That’s all there is to know! Now all you have to do is come to the chat as often as you can, and come to as many events as you can. At the end of the day, no matter how complicated any of this may seem, the end goal is that you have a good time and make some friends.

Strength & Honor

Seize the Night



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