War on UMA

Together we Seize the Night. Together we die. Together we fight. The UMA has been multilogging. Cheating. We don’t want this. Not only did UMA cheat and multilog, but they threatened DK. DK has merged into Romans. That means they threaten us. Today, we maxed 15 in Romans on my event. I was expecting 8-10. This just proves me and all those wrong who doubted. It’s time we Seize the Night. I, Cobra and the Romans, declare war upon the Underground Mafias Army. SEIZE THE NIGHT!

– Cobra

3 Responses

  1. >DKE accuses UMA of multilogging
    >Merges into Romans
    >Declares war in romans so they can easily beat UMA

  2. Whining is okay, arguably though, ******* about the same **** over and over is a bit annoying.

  3. > Doesnt know why we merged so they assume shit

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