Rule the Rink Event – 1/9/2018

Blue Romans wave a white flag of surrender to the Red Romans, colorized.

Ave, Romans! Welcome back to the show. It’s your host, Ray.

Today we had an event at Ascent on CP Rewritten. We started off at the Iceberg, and did some tactics and an “arrow” formation. We maxed 7 while there, and averaged 6 when we moved to the Snow Forts for a Red vs. Blue snowball fight. Both sides fought hard, and after heavy fire and bombing from both sides, the Blues retreated to the Ice Rink. After a short-lived engagement, the Blues, lead by Ray, surrendered to the Reds, lead by Elmer. After that, we tooted and shouted that the “Romans rule the Rink!”, signifying the end of the snowball fight and the event. Today’s event was pretty fun, Romans, so let’s keep on striving for greatness!

Read more to see pictures of the event.


– Ray el Rey –

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