Read and answer the following questions.

1) What is your username?

2) What rank are you?

3) What do you think your activity level from 1-10? (1 being very inactive)

Comment your answers:

16 Responses

  1. YuliChxn (Yules) Centurion, and 8 or 9 on being active.

  2. Chawwh
    The holidays has me away from home more than I would like to be. Hopefully once everything calms down I can go back to attending every event scheduled, if not more!

  3. Username: Ray (DiscordTag: #0848)
    Rank: Prefect (3rd in Command)
    Activity: 9 or 10, most of the time

  4. I suck cock lmfao XDDDD

  5. Juancholppet
    The holidays and my cousins have me inactive this couple of days,but on monday i would BE BACK!

  6. 1) Ulysses
    2) Tribune
    3) 9

  7. BloodPanther

  8. @nardo: ur a 6 lol

  9. 1) Robert3909
    2) Recruit
    3) 7-8 Bc of the holidays

  10. littleponx

  11. Brownpen4
    5-6 I’ll try to be more active 😦

  12. HyperStar
    Will depend on my Uni assignment deadlines sorry but I’ll try my best~

  13. 1) nardo retardo
    2) gay tribune
    3) -1.6

  14. Good one Games.

  15. Clemont, is that you?

  16. If yes, why are you in the CPC Army with an alt?

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