My Return

Aye Romans, 

I would like to re-introduce myself as a new Romans 2nd in Command. For most who don’t know, I am Huskers or better known as Nitro during my time in Romans. Please keep in mind that I am not Nitrohammer or Nitro52 from the Ice Warriors. I am the Nitro who lead the Romans back in 2011 with the likes of Subz/Meano,Redrocks98 and Shadowclub6. The reason for my return to this legendary army is simple, I want this army to succeed like it did in almost every generation. With the current leaders and ownership, I believe we will succeed and show the army world the might of the roman empire, cast fear onto our enemies, conquer and build a mighty empire. Since it’s creation in 2006 we have excelled through the years and still today we stand united. We Will Go, We Will See and We Will CONQUER!!

5th December Will Be The Day

-Caesar Huskers

2 Responses

  1. Welcome to the Romans Huskers.

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