And we are back.

Kevin Edit: To all you other butthurt Roman leaders that will bitch “Order 66” and some shit, fuck off -.- . Dj is my friend, canceled Romans without me. You will not be recognized if you just be a piss off the rest of this generation. I am also a Romans Legend and 2x leader. I don’t want to here smack. Any questions, Find me at UMA or RPF’s chat!

Good Evening Soldiers,

Click More for MoreYes, we are back. Romans return now. They said they can’t be recreated. I asked Kevin. He said yes. So Dj, if your out there. I do not give one fuck, about your opinion. The leaders are the following:

  • Aaronstone42
  • Open
  • Derek

We are still without a chat, I will get that tomorrow. Ranks will be handed out to people who join obviously. Join Romans today!

*Aaronstone42 Romans Leader*

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